• X-AT switched to Vala

    I rewrited all trakd nodes to Vala from C++11. As a result i dropped many dependencies, so total binaries size smaller 2x. But unfortunately did not fit in 4 MiB TL-WR703N (but 8 MiB i think enough) (OpenWRT + LuCI + trakd).

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  • X-AT first hardware: fail

    Unfortunately the first iteration of the hardware was too bad. Motor power is low (need worm gear), threaded studs too curves.

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  • Goodbye display

    I brings to work SSD1306 display to work, but unfortunately it affects steppers. So i decided to remove it for now :(.

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  • X-AT arduino based control board

    At project start i wanted to use TL-WR703N GPIO’s for direct control. But when i pulled out almost all gpio from openwrt table, i found that only few of that really accessible. So i decide to add simple USB bridge based on sparkfun arduino pro micro (china clone costs less than atmega32u4 on local market).

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